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Yeah! I’m transitioning to self-hosting with NixOS. Currently, I’m testing my setup on a system called killy. The plan is to eventually deploy the production environment on another system (jinx), and retain killy as a staging environment.

The project begins with Keycloak, Gitea, Woodpecker, and Docusaurus, using NixOS on the bare metal and as the base image for the Docker containers.

So far I'm very pleased: configuring and deploying services is so much simpler with NixOS, compared to my previous experiences. And I like the conciseness and modularity of the approach, specially with flakes.

The immediate tasks are:

  • Refining the ‘deployment as code’ process, from the bare metal to the running services.
  • Establishing an automated backup strategy. Possibly leveraging Leviia S3 for a cost-effective and resilient solution.

Subsequently, the legacy content currently at will be migrated to this new setup. Automation might be possible for some of this process -- surely I'm not the first one to migrate from WordPress to Docusaurus?